Specialists in plastics recycling

Envira specialises in recycling all types of soft films and some pre-consumer rigid plastics. With our European production plant converting many of the recyclable films back into finished products we then supply many councils and individual companies in the form of recycling sacks, kerbside sacks and general waste sacks.Thus offering a closed loop plastic recycling process.

We offer a full audit trail of all your materials, secure destruction of sensitive products and full compliance with PRN’s to complete your obligations on packaging regulations.

Specialists in plastics recycling

As part of Envira’s full waste management/zero to landfill commitment, Envira also recycle thousands of tonnes of cardboard a year through its West Midlands depot. We pride ourselves on offering the ability to collect a range of materials, making the process of businesses handling their waste simpler and more cost effective for all involved.

We also offer recycling solutions for many other materials, a small list is below. If you have any queries about a certain material or would like some free expert advice please contact us so we can offer our support.

  • Cardboard
  • LDPE films all grades
  • Coat hangers
  • Builder’s sacks (Woven PP)
  • Pallet strapping